Abstracts on all aspects of Basic Science and Clinical Research can be submitted for consideration to (prof.prempuri@gmail.com) until 10th April 2023. All abstracts must present original work which has not been previously accepted for publication, or published.

Abstract Format:
Each abstract must be submitted as a Microsoft Word file (“.doc”). The text must be left-justified, single-spaced and in Arial 12 font. The body of the abstract must fit one A4 sheet with a maximum of 350 words, including tables, figures and graphs. The text must be clear, concise and written in proper English.

The content of the abstract must be structured as followed:

  • Title: Bold font and capital letters must be used (no abbreviations).
  • Authors: Each author name must start with initial(s) followed by surname. The presenting author must be underlined, and each institutional affiliation must be indicated by an individual superscript number.
  • Institutional affiliations (department, city and country): Must be in chronological order, each starting on a new line.
  • E-mail address of corresponding author.
  • Abstract text: Must be divided into four parts (“PURPOSE”, “METHODS”, “RESULTS”, “CONCLUSION”), each starting on a new line.

Data Presentation:
Abstracts must include data with clear descriptions of results and conclusion. For example a p value without data is not sufficient.

Manuscript Publication
Authors of accepted abstracts (oral and poster presentations) are invited to submit their manuscripts for consideration for publication in Pediatric Surgery International (PSI). All manuscripts must be submitted to Professor Prem Puri (prof.prempuri@gmail.com) by 22nd May, 2023. The Scientific Committee will then decide on the basis of originality and scientific merit, which manuscripts will be accepted for publication in the congress issue of PSI. Presentation of your paper is not a guarantee of acceptance for publication in PSI.
Instructions for authors can be found here:

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